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3D Hubs HD Materials Sample Kit (includes $19 print credit)

19 USD / In stock.

Get a feel of our engineering grade HD materials with some real life samples!

This kit includes 5 of our most popular HD materials:

SLS Nylon: Functional prototypes and end-use parts from laser sintered nylon. The sample bearing is printed in one go, with a mere 0.3 mm tolerance.

Rigid Opaque, Transparent and Rubber-like: 3 X PolyJet high detail prototyping plastics. The prints are 2.5 cm/ 1 in wide, sporting both embossed and engraved parts, sharp edges and some tiny details.

Fiber-Reinforced Nylon: Aluminum strength for the price of plastic. Ready for a challenge? Just try to break it with your bare hands.

The cost of the kit is 100% redeemable: With each sample order you'll receive a $19 voucher, which you can use for your next HD 3D print on 3D Hubs.

Find out more about 3D Hubs HD materials at 3dhubs.com/hd.